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  • All about our GamePoints-System

    With our GamePoints-System we are trying to integrate you guys to the community and give you individual functionalities, graphical ranks and items on our GameServers and of course a huge variety in our fanshop.
    You could also look at our GamePoints kind of like our own currency.

    1 GamePoint is worth 1 Cent, so 100 GamePoints would equal 1 Euro
    1.000 GamePoints -> 10,- Euro
    10.000 GamePoints -> 100,- Euro
    100.000 GamePoints -> 1000,- Euro
    ... etc.
  • How i get GamePoints?

    GamePoints will be given to you for your activity on our website.
    Every new Post you make, every comment you post and of course special activities or events, will give you sertain amouts of GamePoints.

    A nother possibility to get GamePoints fast is to lave a donation to the Community. As a small thank you for the donation we will give you 1 GamePoint for every Cent you donate.

    It is planned and also possible to earn GamePoints by being active on our GameServers but sadly we are missing some knowledge on how to do it.
    (If you could help us enable this, please contact us. It may even be worth it for you!)
  • How many GamePoints i get for my aktivity?

    General every registred user get 10 GamePoints for a new Thread and 5 GamePoints for a post, but other user-groups can get more.

    Registred UserEvery Thread
    Every Post
    Post your Gaming-System
    150 GP-
    Short-News under Game Talk
    20 GP7 GP
    Gaming moments at
    Pictures and Screenshots
    15 GP5 GP
    Wishes & Ideas
    for our community
    15 GP5 GP
    Bugreport for help and find bugs
    15 GP5 GP
    Other10 GP5 GP

    NewsreporterEvery Thread
    Every Post
    Review about a Game50 GP7 GP
    News about the world
    30 GP10 GP
    News about the community
    25 GP10 GP
    News about our Gameserver20 GP10 GP