Pinned TeamSpeak - [not registred on] delete

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  • TeamSpeak - [not registred on] delete

    Behind your account on our Teamspeak-Server you are seeing the information: "not registred on"?

    But you are already registered?

    Yes, thats right, but you dont have registrate your TeamSpeak-Account.

    For a completely registration you need to write your TeamSpeak UID at your account.

    That's how it works:
    • Start TeamSpeak and go to "settings", choose "Identity".

    • Choose your right identity on the left and copy your UID.

    • Now go to the website and edit your account.

    • At last paste your UID to your account.

    Please use your right identity (UID)!

    If you have 2 identitys, paste your right UID.

    After the changes at the user account, wait up to 10 minutes or relog to your account for a direct update.

    If it doesnt work, you choose the wrong UID.