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  1. §1 - Registration and use of this homepage

    Register and using of garmea.com are completely free, however, every person is allowed to get no more than one user account, violations of this rule will result in an immediate exclusion of this website.
    By completing this registration, the rules and statements are automaticly rocognized and confirmed by clicking >>Accept<<

    Please read the terms of use in detail to avoid punishments or something similar.

    Our administrators and moderators try to keep undesirable posts off this website , but it is impossible to check all the posts.
    All the posts express only the views of the author himself.
    The owner of this website can not be held responsible for the content of individual posts, therefore, each user is responsible for its contents himself.

    By registering, you agree to not abuse this site to spread Profanity, vulgar, personal insults, propaganda, (extreme-) political views or (verbal-) violations of the law.

    Posts and user accounts can be edited or deleted without further notice by administrators and moderators of the homepage, inter alia grounds of breach of good manners.

    Each user undertakes to check the Terms of Use for possible changes at least once every 2 months.
  2. §2 - The TeamSpeak³-Server

    To continue to ensure communication during the gaming with our community, the usage of an headset is scheduled on our TeamSpeak³-Server.
    Also it's mandatory, to configure the software in a way that enables a perfect possibility of a verbal communitation (e.g. no rustling, no echos, etcetera.).

    Insults and spam of any kind will not be tolerated and will be punished according to the degree of hardness.
    You are only allowed to use the nickname that is registered on the website, unless the unique User-ID of the user-Teamspeak³ used is specified on the website.
    Furthermore, voice changer or similar softwares are strictly prohibited.
  3. §3 - Participation provisions for raffles or sweepstakes

    To participate in raffles or sweepstakes of the community a minimum age of 14 years is required.
    Depending on the offers of the Sweepstakes, the minimum age may vary.
    Every Participant is responsible for the accuracy of its indication of age, we reserve the right to require and check an ID card copy in case of mistrust on accuracy of the data.
    Team members of Garmea.com aren't automaticly excludet fron raffles or sweepstakes, because the draw of the winner depends entirely on chance and possibly on the respective multiplier and activity of the member.
    The winner will be announced publicly with his user name on our website and in the News Feed.
    For security reasons, we will only ship Gamekeys in form of a private mail or email through our website, so it's necessary for a winner to be registered or get registered as soon as he/she is contacted by us.
    If the winner doesn't correctly claims his price on our website within 7 days, we will be forced to end the sweepstake/raffle and keep the key.

    Further participation rules are to be observed in the raffles/sweepstakes.
  4. §4 - Additional contents of this website

    1. §4.2 - Privacy Statement for using Google Adsense

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